Times are turning. A new age is nigh, but what none can foresee, hidden beyond the steam and soot of the night sky, is the face of this coming era, the spirit of the next age. The zeitgeist.

Welcome to Red and Black: A World Dawned from Night, our playthrough of the Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution adventure path. We will be using the 13th Age system and are set to soon finish the first Zeitgeist adventure, “The Island at the Axis of the World.”

A fey corgyn with an unusual fascination for technology, a drow whose escape from the sanctuary of the Bleak Gate comes with the price of carrying a second soul; a wizard whose troubled lifestyle obscures a dark and unknown past in Danor— all will be instrumental in determining the zeitgeist.

Red and Black: A World Dawned from Night

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